Chivalry and Sex

I have always seen myself to be an independent woman

who can handle herself very well.

I can wash my own car.

I can fix my own cable TV.

I can provide for myself financially.

I can do most of the things that men can do.

But it doesn’t mean that

I don’t need a man in my life at all.

Girls, I need a man.

Like you.

Like her.

Like every woman,

I need a man in my life.

Not to treat me like the lesser human species.

But to love me,

and to pleasure me.

I mean, c’mon.

We need to be pleasured.

We need to have mind-blowing orgasms.

Or else, we might end up angry and bitter at life

And say,

hey, what the heck? I don’t need a man.

I can very well take care of myself.”

Yeah, but end up living alone.

Biter and frustrated.

Now, we don’t want that to happen to you girl.


That’s why,

Please allow me to open your eyes into the wonderful world of

chivalry and sex

The thought of chivalry and sex came back into my mind

during a chat with some girlfriends.

“Does size really matter?”

This was one of the topics that my girlfriends and I were discussing.

Almost everybody was like, “oh yeah girl!”

“of course it matters!”

“C’mon, what will I do with that eensy-weensy?”

“I gotta be nailed. And it’s gotta be, you know,

hard and wild!”

But then one friend recounted how she actually

had a sexual encounter with one of the less well-endowed males of the species.

She was like,

“Believe me girls! I almost choked when I saw his hard-on

or does it even count to be called a hard-on?!“


So she thought, “Oh my, is that it?

"What am I gonna do with that?”

Well, as it turned out,

She did nothing!

After an hour, or more,

The man just left her a total jabbering mess.

BUT extremely satisfied!

And she just couldn’t believe what had just happened.

She literally had one orgasm after another and another and another.

And all the man said was, “It was my pleasure to pleasure you.”

And we were like, “Oh really?

Do modern men who say things like that still even exist?”

Sounds almost….

Almost chivalrous!

Isn’t chivalry dead already?

Finding the thought absurd,

I asked what is chivalry got to do with good sex?

I mean, I know it gets insane how acts of chivalry

or chivalry today gets frowned upon by both

misogynistic males

and hardcore feminists out there.

And I find it funny too

how a supposedly empowered woman

takes the concept of

independence and liberation and gender equality

way over her head sometimes

and easily scratch the true meaning of chivalry

and associate it

with women’s weakness or

with women being the weaker sex.

Because, nah…

I know that’s not just it girls.

And I know you know that too…

I know modern chivalry goes beyond

men opening doors for you

or standing for you on a full bus.

I also know that chivalry courtly love poems

or knights and chivalry

or code of chivalry

may have long been buried in our history.

But I do believe that chivalry is not dead yet.

But still I thought,

chivalry and sex ?

Well, as absurd as it may sound,

But if chivalry today means my man pleasuring me beyond my wildest dreams

then girl,

I have got to know more about modern chivalry and sex!

And so we all just couldn’t wait for our friend to tell us all about

her manly man,

her knights templar

and how he proved to conquer Goliath with his little David!

But beyond the thought of chivalry and sex girls,

modern chivalry is actually what every woman long for.

Because the truth of chivalry revolves around




Respect and


Now don’t you find it ironic how we women all over the world curse and cry over men

For their infidelity?

For their lies?

For their arrogance?

For their chauvinism?

And yet we still find suspicion behind the intentions of a man of chivalry

or of chivalry today

and look upon it as stupid chivalry.

Well yeah girl,

you may think chivalry and sex is stupid and absurd as I first thought.

But do you remember how you find yourself endlessly complain about

how men can be so insensitive and self-centred on bed and think,

“hey I’ve got a big dick and I know you want a piece of this girl.”

And just bang you and bang you and before you know it, he’s done?

Do you want to forget about those kinds of guys girls?

Well with your journey with us to learning more about chivalry and sex girl,

that can all be a thing of the past now!

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