Hi my name is Mia.

Professionally, I am a certified health and wellness practitioner, and a life coach.
I help people live better lives.
I always wanted to be a doctor.
I remember as a girl of about 8 years, while my friends were reading romance novels, I was reading anatomy and physiology books.
Then as a teenager I became sick with a disease called anorexia.
My weight at age 13 was 62kg, by age 15 my weight had dropped to 36kg.
At one stage the doctors told my parents that I had less than a 10% chance to live.
My parents came in to hospital every night to say good night, and on one occasion they came in a second time on the same night. I remember thinking “that was nice of them”.
What I didn’t know at the time was that the doctors phoned my parents to come in and say goodbye because I was not going to live through the night!
Over many years I experienced the very best of the medical profession first hand.
I was amazed at how many specializations there are in medical science.
I was stunned at how these doctors act in complete isolation, with a narrow focus on their area of expertise, and have no regard or understanding of the body as a whole or what the other specialists are doing.
Over the course of some 8 years in and out of hospital, I became disillusioned with modern medicine and started searching for alternatives. Often I am asked about how I finally broke free of Anorexia.
When I was 17, one very wise old medical professor confided with my parents that the truth is that medical science does not understand much about what causes anorexia, and even less about how to cure it.
However he told my parents that what he had observed over many years, was that every one of his anorexic patients who became pregnant, stopped being anorexic. He hypothesized that maybe the instinct to protect the baby was stronger than the desire not to eat.
So his suggestion to my parents was that they find me a boyfriend and get me pregnant as soon as I turn 18.
Because my body was so weak, it took me a few years to fall pregnant, however on the day I found out that I was pregnant, my anorexia disappeared.
I now the proud mother of 3 beautiful adult children.
I wish that I could tell you that from that day on my life was wonderful.
It wasn’t.
I was searching for something, but didn’t know what.
I was intelligent but had a low self-esteem.
I couldn’t understand why I was magnetically drawn into abusive relationships.
The strange thing was, that despite all these years of pain and hardship, I kept studying, learning, researching and trying to figure out the “why”.
The Alpha Beta section of our site will be a real eye opener to a lot of people.
Likewise the role of enzymes, good sex and alkaline water on health and well-being will amaze you.
Finally things did change.
The knowledge I had acquired for myself became valuable to others.
The health and wellness wisdom I had re-discovered from times gone by, was of great benefit to help understand and enhance modern and alternative medicine.
My client’s now include the who’s who of the rich and famous.
Movie stars, rock stars, billionaires, business leaders, politicians, even doctors and surgeons who could never recommend me to their patients.
The all have their health or lifestyle quirks.
Buckle up, hold on, and get ready for an exciting journey.

"Really good sex is all about health, happiness and long lasting relationships."

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